Metal Slug: Plot

The evil General Morden and his rebel army has launched a coup d’├ętat on the world’s governments, and all attempts by the armies of the various countries to curtail his growing power fail. His most recent attack has given him access to a new form of all-terrain combat tank dubbed “Metal Slug”. In a last effort to stop Morden, Cpt. Marco Rossi and Lt. Tarma Roving of the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force are sent to locate and eliminate his powerbase, as well as reclaim or destroy any Metal Slugs they can find so as to keep the technology out of Morden’s hands. After battling their way through hordes of Morden’s soldiers, the duo eventually face off against Morden himself, in a heavily armored helicopter. After defeating the helicopter and killing Morden, they destroy his base of operations. In an epilogue, one of Morden’s men is shown throwing a paper airplane from a cliff face. As the credits roll, the plane flies across the various levels of the game, from the destroyed Metal Slugs on the forest and the city where a woman grieves for her slain lover who is a Rebel Army member before disappearing into outer space. If the game is completed using 2-players, the epilogue changes to show the rebel soldiers dancing around the various levels to a very upbeat tune. This time the paper plane is caught by a wounded but still alive Morden, who unfolds it before looking up to the starry sky.

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